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Question: How did Whole Brain Power start?

A) The Hammer Man (Founder Michael J. Lavery) worked in construction and found it exciting to bounce golf balls off a hammers.
B) Because his friend challenged him to a "hammer match" to see who could bounce the most golf balls off hammers, The Hammer Man took it to the next level and started WBP.
C) After losing a tennis match, The Hammer Man wanted to improve his tennis game.
D) Due to his fascination with the comic character Thor, The Hammer Man started bouncing golf balls off hammers to mimic his hero.

You are correct! The Hammer Man lost a tennis match to his good friend John. As a result, he was motivated to take his game to the next level by becoming ambidextrous, bouncing golf balls with precision off hammers thousands of times, and gaining phenomenal brain processing speed through memory training. He also started practicing harder at guitar to gain a finer touch and quicker fingers.
That's when he realized how these simple tenets can apply to any other area of life!
Wrong, keep trying!

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Michael J. Lavery

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February 6, 2017

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