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The Keys To Unlocking And Kick-Starting The Unlimited Potential Of The Entire Brain

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WBP is a network of practitioners around the world striving for brain and body wellness.  


Many people have claimed miraculous benefits including increased growth hormone, motor controls, memory, and overall mood and cognition.  (We are not making any claims.  We do, however, feature testimonials and case studies from real people!  * Please consult your doctor if you have any further concerns.)

Specifically, I have found improvements in:
Hand-to-eye coordination
Spatial intelligence
Rhythm and timing
Mood boost and mild euphoric feeling of heightened ability
Creativity/Problem solving…
Increased libido.

Derek F.

I was introduced to the Whole Brain Power program less than a month ago, and through study and application of the material within I have already begun to transform my mind and body. THE RESULTS ARE ASTOUNDING! My mental clarity and focus has increased exponentially and people at the gym are asking if I am on steroids!

Adam G.

I have changed so much I cannot go into full detail as this would be pages long. The most important thing that has happened to me was I was able to get off of my anxiety medication because the drills presented have literally rewired the way my brain works. Things have become easier and seem to simply flow. I think more clearly and in more control of my mind than I ever thought possible.

Marcus M.

Needless to say I have been writing ever since and sleeping great, but not JUST that, at work I feel like I am becoming a mental 'ninja' I am thinking much clearer and FASTER, no much sluggish feeling in my head. I have not followed everything in this book although I plan to now. Just know this, the book is a game changer, it really does work. I think some people want something that is not this easy, something more complicated, not something that is simple yet mentally challenging.


Free WBP Parkinson's Interview

Listen to this exciting interview about Whole Brain Power with host Robert Rogers, the founder of The Amazing Parkinson's Recovery in 2004,  Michael J. Lavery, Founder and Author of Whole Brain Power, and Len Fox, Parkinson's patient and Whole Brain Power practitioner.

"One of the most creative ways for increasing brain power that I have ever encountered"

Meet Founder Michael J. Lavery

also known as "The Hammer Man", Mr. Lavery is a talented musician, artist and at one point a professional sports players.  One could say that he closely resembles what is known as a "Renaissance Man".  He possesses perhaps the most radical hand-eye coordination known to man.  Lavery's observations and theories about the brain have changed the lives of thousands of dedicated practitioners.  See more below!

Michael J. Lavery “The Hammer Man”

Orange County Register

Whole Brain Power: Guitar In Action

Michael J. Lavery

Michael J. Lavery’s Unusual Learned Ambidextrous Tennis Skills

The Hammer Man

Michael J. Lavery: Artist at Work

The Hammer Man

Michael J. Lavery’s Guinness World Records

The Hammer Man

Transferability of Skills to Others


300/300 World Record Preview

The Hammer Man

This system is based upon three major tenets:


Exercises that promote the rewiring and myelination of the central and peripheral nervous systems based upon the simple dual handed penmanship exercises and the famous "hammer drills" invented by Coach Michael J. Lavery.  The recommendation to learn a musical instrument should be taken into consideration.  Athletic skills of playing sports ambidextrously is the cornerstone of the rewiring of the brain.


Your memory the "crown jewel" of your mental well-being.  The ancient Greeks memorized Homer's Iliad and The Odyssey, 25,000 lines of poetry.  Our training promotes the rejuvenation short term, long term and procedural memories, essentially allowing instantaneous access to episodic memories and overall random access memory.  Through our "imagination opportunity" (IO) techniques, we help people harness the right brain/left brain collaboration system.


Our methodologies assist in the elevation of both written and spoken language skills.  The "Communications Game" method requires respectful, civilized, and grammatically correct English.  The gateway to this behavioral modification is undeniably through the process of improving one's fine tactile motor skills in the act of penmanship.

Whole Brain Power
The Fountain of Youth for the Mind and Body
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change your speech and change your brain.
Learns To Be A Winner
The Game Where Everyone

The Communications Game

Learn To Compose
Beautiful Solos
Learning a musical instrument is one of the best
ways to train the brain.
Transforms The Brain.

Learn fine motor control skills now.

Developing Proper Penmanship
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Do you consider yourself an athlete or musician?

Find out why Whole Brain Power may be for you.  Discover how brain training, musicianship and athletics go hand-in-hand.


The Hands Grow The Brain

A person's hands have a disproportionately large amount of real estate on the motor strip of the brain.

Hand-Eye Coordination Improves Speech

Improving your hand-eye coordination has a direct correlation with learning, cognitive abilities and social skills.

Playing a Musical Instrument Is a Full Brain Workout

According to studies, the act of playing a musical instrument is the equivalent to a full body workout for the brain.

Handwriting Trains The Brain

Doing cursive handwriting stimulates the brain in ways similar to a professional athlete playing a sport.

Using Imagination Improves Learning

Studies show that children learn best when they use their imagination.  The same applies for adults.

Ambidexterity Could Activate Right-Brain Hemisphere

According to this study of left-handed mirror writing, "a right hemisphere network for motor-language skills emerges after limited practice."

Learn Music.

Learn Elegant Speech.

Learn Handwriting.

Learn Hand-Eye Coordination.

Learn Ambidexterity.

Learn Imagination.